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LEARN to setup, secure & manage ANY type of server for ANY purpose.

What do you need?

Setup a server

Install any kind of server for any purpose

  • Build a VPS, cloud, dedicated or virtual machine
  • For sites, mail, files, games, VPNs & proxying
  • Bespoke options for OS, LAMP, LEMP and more

Get a server online fast with these quick-start guides.

Secure a server

Harden with solid layered server defence

  • Super-secure server & web application logins
  • Firewalls, network hardening, automated backup
  • The best tools & techniques for defence in depth

Understand & easily add supercharged server defence.

Maintain a server

Ease day-to-day server & app management

  • Control panels to manage server, apps, stats etc
  • Logging demystified, set up and alerts automated
  • Common task database & web server usage guides

Keep the machine performing, up-to-date & risk-free.

It covers plugins, servers, admin maintenance, permissions, content, and more ... definitely worth the price. There is a lot I've learnt and will definitely be implementing it on my own site.–Alex Libby, WordPress user

Do not hesitate ... impressive legwork and provides numerous code examples, internet resources, tips and techniques, plugin recommendations, and steps to take to recover a hacked site–ContentRobot.com, The Blogging and WordPress Experts

Well written, easy to understand. I learned so many new things. It covers all sorts of IT security, not just wordpress. I found the "WordPress tasks" very helpful–ale1964, WordPress user

A superb job of laying out a comprehensive overview of Internet security to help you set up and maintain a clean WordPress website that is as hacker-resistant as possible–Jeff, WordPress user

I am an IT consultant and have worked with PCs since 1982 and built my first website in 1995. I thought I knew a lot about security, but this taught me many new ways to secure sites & computers.–Stephen Britton, Tech Writer & Developer"

    vpsBible's easy-read copy-paste tutorials & videos
    are designed for mere mortals - not just for geeks!

    Don’t know Linux? Don’t know what a terminal is? You don’t need to.

    vpsBible makes managing a server almost easy! You’ll quickly learn and implement three core topics:-

    the front cover of the book "WordPress 3 Ultimate Security"

    • Setting it up on a cloud, VPS or virtual machine
    • Securing it, as well as your files and data
    • Maintaining the thing!

    vpsBible’s tutorials are designed to make the process of building and managing a server as simple as possible. They’ll help you to understand and choose your options, configuring your ideal high performance and fully secure server, fast.

    vpsBible’s brought to you by Olly Connelly. That’s me. Sign up for the free newsletter and I’ll send you a copy of my book WordPress 3 Ultimate Security.

    • Blank box to top-notch server
    • Web, mail, file, game, VPN servers
    • For sites, blogs, email, backup, privacy & other uses
    • Written for novice server administrators & Linux newbies
    • A modular webmaster reference
    • Logical sequential tutorials
    • Lots of assisting video tutorials
    • Well-explained server options & software configurations
    • Fast. Secure. Future-proofed.
    • And cheap-as-chips!

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