# About vpsBible

vpsBible helps Linux noobs to build, secure and maintain ...
... their first and successive VPS and other types of web server.

Originally a series of VPS setup guides on Olly Connelly's blog, guvnr.com, those forked into a how-to-setup-a-VPS site, the original vpsBible, back in February 2010.

Launched in March 2014, the guides on the new vpsBible website stretch into layered defence and advanced server management, and shortly vpsBible's stackscripts will be replaced by bespoke, wizard-driven, setup, security and maintenance script generators.

vpsBible is the sister project to wpCop, where Olly helps WordPress folks with site and server security.

Setting up, securing & maintaining servers with vpsBible

You may have worked this out but this is what vpsBible does:-

  • Setup. vpsB guides you through the setup process, whatever your scenario.
  • Secure. Then we'll make sure you've got a tight-as configuration.
  • Maintain. And we'll ensure you can keep the machine running smoothly.

As well as teeming with reference guides, tutorials and resources, vpsBible's forums are free to help you with whatever problem. See you there!

vpsBible's Olly Connelly

Olly's a web guy and writer who lives in Spain with his wife, just off the beach, which is pretty much as cool as it sounds. He's really bad at kite-surfing, karate, gardening and baking pies. I mean, who isn't, right?

Olly Connelly (OK, hands up, that's me) was conceived in the Summer of Love and likes to think he's the reincarnation of some dude who copped it after a Woodstock head-banger.

Born in Windsor, England, he's no relation. He lives with “She who must be obeyed”, just off a beach in Valencia, Spain.

Olly's background is broadcasting and satirical journalism and his experience includes serially annoying the BBC, Bloomberg and MTV. He quit the mainstream media twelve years ago to do something honest, becoming a freelance content producer, web developer and, subsequently, a system administrator and outright hacker. An ethical one, honest.

As a ‘hack turned hacker’, Olly sees high quality content as the key to demystifying complex subjects and, in an attempt to keep folks awake, he sugar-coats techy topics with a dose of humour. He tries to provide jargon-free explanations behind each and every step in a tutorial, something that tends to be missing with online guides that, all-too-often, are written ‘by geeks for geeks'. (Then again, hey, “Blessed are the geeks!”)

When he's not tapping out keystrokes he's generally gardening, kite-surfing, cussing at the news and, failing all that, downing a pint.

Contacting Olly

You can catch up with Olly on LinkedIn and Twitter, else by email, or follow the Cop on Facebook or, an equally good reason to use a VPN, Google+.

Then again, maybe you just want the RSS feed.