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  • The Nginx-Ubuntu Admin Index Page

    To maintain Nginx with no control panel sounds hard? This ultimate round-up of administration tutorials will keep your web host up-to-scratch.

    Category: * vps setup guides *      Date: 10th May 10     
  • vpsBible Launches StackScripts 4 Super-Fast VPS Setup

    Deploy a Virtual Private Server and have your website working within minutes on a first class stack. Surely not possible? It is now ..

    Category: vpsBible news      Date: 7th May 10     
  • Install Subversion & Keep Content Platforms Up-to-Date

    Subversion is a content ‘version control’ system: it eases keeping management platforms (and more besides) at the latest stable release. Here’s a how-to ..

    Category: content management      Date: 26th Apr 10     
  • Install PHP5 & MySQL – The One-Stop FastCGI Index Page

    Install PHP5 (& MySQL) for Nginx, but which FastCGI method is best? Here’s the benchmarking, 4 ways to install/compile, add caching modules & more.

    Category: php      Date: 23rd Apr 10     
  • Compile Spawn-FCGI (PHP5) & MySQL for Nginx

    This tutorial guide shows how to install MySQL & PHP compiled with Spawn-FCGI to work with the Nginx web server and to start automatically on reboot.

    Category: php      Date: 21st Apr 10     
  • Compile & Install XCache: FastCGI/Spawn-FCGI

    This tutorial shows the process to install & configure XCache set up to start on reboot for Ubuntu/Debian servers running PHP FastCGI & Spawn-FCGI.

    Category: php      Date: 19th Apr 10     
  • How to Recompile PHP (from source) No Downtime

    This how-to guide shows the procedure for re-building PHP from source code with no downtime, to re-install with new options & third party extensions.

    Category: php      Date: 15th Apr 10     
  • Protect PHP with the Suhosin Patch

    This tutorial shows how-to patch the Suhosin third-party extension to compiled PHP installations to protect against certain PHP vulnerabilities.

    Category: php      Date: 13th Apr 10     
  • Compile & Install XCache on PHP-FPM

    This tutorial guide shows the process to compile, install & tweak XCache for Ubuntu/Debian servers running PHP-FPM to run automatically on reboot.

    Category: php      Date: 8th Apr 10     

    PHP-FPM (Separate or Integrated), Spawn-FCGI or FastCGI? The difference compared with 7 modular tests to help choose the best PHP web server solution.

    Category: php      Date: 6th Apr 10