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  • VPS Bible – 1 Year Young Today!

    Yup, published the first VPS Bible post, over on Guvnr, a year ago today.

    Category: vpsBible news      Date: 1st Apr 10     
  • Compile PHP-FPM (PHP5) & MySQL for Nginx

    Perfect & UP-TO-DATE how-to compile guide! Add PHP-FPM with MySQL for Nginx on Debian/Ubuntu with the best configuration extension options explained.

    Category: php      Date: 31st Mar 10     
  • Advanced Nginx Module Compiling: Explained!

    Need to add a specific function to Nginx? This how-to tutorial shows how to install/upgrade a web server with bespoke required modules & parameters.

    Category: web servers      Date: 25th Mar 10     
  • Upgrade NGINX Web Server with NO Downtime

    At last and so simple! Upgrade or recompile your Nginx ‘binary’ to a new release without stopping the web server and with NO missed requests. Here’s how.

    Category: web servers      Date: 23rd Mar 10     
  • Install Multiple Domains on Drupal with Nginx

    This tutorial shows how to set up multiple domains, all powered by a single Drupal content management system caching on Nginx with SEO-friendly links.

    Category: content management      Date: 18th Mar 10     
  • Setup Drupal on Nginx, Caching with Pretty Links

    So EASY! This tutorial shows how to set up the Drupal content management system caching on Nginx with SEO-friendly pretty links / CURLs / FURLs.

    Category: content management      Date: 16th Mar 10     
  • Add a DB with Full Permissions

    Here’s the MySQL syntax to add a new database from the terminal command line. It’s commonly required as part of a new site or content platform setup.

    Category: databases      Date: 16th Mar 10     
  • Add BuddyPress & bbPress to Your WordPress MU Installation

    In this guide, having configured Nginx for WP Multi-User, we’ll add the BuddyPress community platform plugin, then setup bbPress to work on the server.

    Category: content management      Date: 11th Mar 10     
  • Configure Nginx for WordPress MU (benchmarked fastest caching)

    In this how-to guide we set up WordPress MU on Nginx, complete with permalinks & WP Super Cache and benchmarked as the fastest caching method.

    Category: content management      Date: 9th Mar 10     
  • Gain Access to a Remote Server from Your PC

    The most basic local-to-remote connection method is using a password and a bare-bones ssh connection, and here’s how to do it.

    Category: remote access      Date: 3rd Mar 10