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  • vpsBibleUpdate: +18 hours, ish .. Cleaning Up and SEO

    Well, I think that Paypal issue is sorted now .. bit of a headache, that. Just 301 redirected the entire Bible over from Guvnr. Bit sad really, but not for long, for either place. Re-sitemapped and pinged both domains, Google reckons there are no errors from the first crawl here. So I guess we can […]

    Category: vpsBible news      Date: 10th Feb 10     
  • Here’s Why I Binned The Comments …

    … to enhance support. Comments are nice, but they're also pretty random and, when you're skimming through looking for useful tips or the answer to a specific problem, that's an issue. My idea is that, instead of commenting, the vpsBible community – that's you buster! – make comments here in the forums … whether asking […]

    Category: vpsBible news      Date: 9th Feb 10     
  • vpsBible: OK Already I’ve Launched It!

    vpsBible launches .. vpsBible launches .. vpsBible launches .. vpsBible launches .. vpsBible launches .. vpsBible launches .. vpsBible launches .. vpsBible launches ..

    Category: vpsBible news      Date: 9th Feb 10     
  • Integrate A CMS Like WordPress, WP MU, Drupal etc

    Popular CMS, forum & framework how-to guides are here, showing how to tweak and enhance configuration to perform best with the Nginx web server.

    Category: content management      Date: 9th Feb 10     
  • hey .. guv here!

    er, this is just so totally sad .. I'm the only one here. Damn, it's just pathetic. Er, these things work? .. .. yeah, seems so. Right, best do something useful .. gotta launch this darn thing, huh? Aah, yeah, well, just to say, in anticipation .. it will be splendid to meet you and […]

    Category: vpsBible news      Date: 3rd Feb 10     
  • PHP5 (with FastCGI) and MySQL

    Install PHP for server-side web applications, configured with FastCGI, adding MySQL for your databases .. tweaking the lot for optimum performance.

    Category: databases, php      Date: 3rd Feb 10     
  • Harden the Secure Shell (SSH) & Create a Firewall

    Tweak the OpenSSH file & set up a firewall using iptables. Just copy and paste this code.

    Category: security      Date: 2nd Feb 10     
  • Edit bashrc for User-Friendly Linux, plus System Updates

    How can I make the Linux Ubuntu terminal EASIER TO USE? BY READING THIS!! Good bashrc tutorial guide to make life simpler & workflow faster.

    Category: server distributions      Date: 2nd Feb 10     
  • VPS (Virtual Private Server) vs Shared vs Dedicated

    Let’s weigh up the various web host types, detailing what to look for in a VPS solution, both managed & unmanaged.

    Category: hosting      Date: 1st Feb 10     
  • Set Up Command Line Interface (CLI) using PuTTY

    Tutorial & VIDEO how-to: Configure PuTTY & OpenSSH to create a secure tunneled link from your PC to a web server, ideal for easy double-click access.

    Category: remote access      Date: 1st Feb 10