Setup VPS for Linux Noobs!

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  • Set Up a VPS Linux Distribution

    Introduction (+ VIDEO) to a typical unmanaged VPS control panel, considering the steps to configure & launch your initial distro.

    Category: hosting      Date: 1st Feb 10     
  • Install Your Virtual Private Server with Ubuntu & Nginx Excellence

    This copy-paste tutorial shows how to build a fast, secure, future-proofed virtual private server, perfect for multiple sites & blogs.

    Category: * vps setup guides *      Date: 1st Feb 10     
  • EDIT/INCREASE server names hash bucket size

    If you’re using nginx, and your domain name exceeds 32 characters, you may receive an error message when you restart the web server. Try this ..

    Category: web servers      Date: 13th Nov 09     
  • In Case You Weren’t Sure Where They Live

    Let’s take a quick look at our Nginx server and site error & access logs, and where to find them.

    Category: web servers      Date: 10th Nov 09     
  • Hide Your Data & Identity with SOCKS

    Take maximum benefit from your VPS or dedicated server, setting it up to double up as your personal online privacy & web access tool, in seconds!

    Category: proxy servers      Date: 26th Oct 09     
  • Setup openSSH for Linux-to-Linux

    Use OpenSSH to create authentication keys, upload one then connect remotely, password-free with encrypted data & server security. Simple!

    Category: security      Date: 29th Sep 09     
  • Point a Site or Blog at Another

    This how-to guide shows the syntax to point a site or blog to another domain. That way, for instance, traffic from a passive site benefits an active one.

    Category: web servers      Date: 18th Aug 09     
  • Restrict Access to Nginx Web Files with Auth_Basic

    Easily restrict access to hide sensitive data, admin areas & other web pages using the Nginx web server’s Auth_Basic security module & htpasswd.

    Category: security, web servers      Date: 11th Aug 09     
  • Gain Benefit From Parked Domains

    To park a domain is simply to add it, undeveloped, with a DNS manager. Big deal! More useful is to point it to a developed site, gaining the traffic.

    Category: dns      Date: 30th Jul 09     
  • Copy Website Files between Windows/Linux Computers using the CLI

    Here’s how to copy/backup/upload files between Linux & Windows hosts using PuTTY’s Secure FTP terminal. Faster, easier and way safer than FTP.

    Category: remote access      Date: 29th Jul 09