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  • Copy Site Files between Linux/Linux Computers with the CLI

    This tutorial shows how to copy files between Linux hosts using Secure Copy & a command line interface. Fast, easy & safe, better than FTP or SFTP.

    Category: remote access      Date: 28th Jul 09     
  • Reset a Lost MySQL Password

    Locked yourself out of MySQL? Feels like leaving the car keys in the trunk, huh? :D Sorry to laugh! But I can .. and show you how to get back in.

    Category: databases      Date: 27th Jul 09     
  • Update (Replace or Delete) MySQL Data

    Change repetitive db data with one single syntax command. Rather than manually find & alter each instance, isolate the lot & update multiple content.

    Category: databases      Date: 23rd Jul 09     
  • Reinstate MySQL DBs with Terminal Shell

    Here’s the syntax for reinstating a MySQL database. For instance, you moved a site, added a blank db and now want to add your backed up data. Easy!

    Category: databases      Date: 22nd Jul 09     
  • Backup a MySQL Database from the Terminal

    This guide shows how to save a MySQL database using a terminal, with a simple syntax command. And faster than using phpMyAdmin, for sure.

    Category: databases      Date: 21st Jul 09     
  • Create or Bin MySQL DBs using the Terminal

    This how-to guide maps out two basic but handy MySQL operations, creating and erasing a database, using the command line interface.

    Category: databases      Date: 20th Jul 09     
  • Adding Sub-Sites with Nginx

    Create sub-sites or prefixed WordPress blogs quickly & easily. Just create an A record, add a vhost file & symlink and restart Nginx.

    Category: web servers      Date: 16th Jul 09     
  • Add Web Sites Nginx Cheatsheet

    Create additional sites & blogs quickly & easily. After creating the DNS entries, just add a vhost file, its symlink, restart Nginx and go play.

    Category: web servers      Date: 15th Jul 09     
  • Get phpMyAdmin Working with Nginx

    Install PMA to work with Nginx, and administer multiple MySQL dbs from anywhere. View table structure, browse data, run queries, backup and more.

    Category: databases      Date: 14th Jul 09     
  • Moving Day! How to Move Your Blog or Site

    Migrate your web site or blog to a new server with minimal problems or inaccessibility. This guide steps out a proven relocation procedure.

    Category: hosting      Date: 1st Jul 09