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  • Google Apps for Domain-Specific Email

    Easily configure GA’s free Standard Edition for webmail, with POP and IMAP email delivery to your desktop mail client.

    Category: email      Date: 25th Jun 09     
  • Nginx Control Panel Workarounds

    Part 17: No viable panel :( BUT EASY WORKAROUNDS :) Every cPanel module is listed here with copy/paste code for its Nginx-equivalent alternate function.

    Category: webmaster tools      Date: 9th Jun 09     
  • Nginx Control Panel

    Part 16: You’re migrating shared-to-VPS and want a GUI like cPanel? No you don’t, not after you read this! What’s more, you don’t need one either …

    Category: webmaster tools      Date: 8th Jun 09     
  • WordPress Setup & Updates from the Command Line

    Setup/update WordPress on your server. This copy/paste how-to guide steps out the process, setting up a MySQL database and using Subversion.

    Category: content management      Date: 4th Jun 09     
  • Tweak Nginx for WordPress – Pretty URLs & WP Super Cache

    Part 14: Configure NGINX for WordPress blogs, speeding up the platform by enabling the WP Super Cache plugin, and enabling friendly-URI permalinks.

    Category: content management, web servers      Date: 2nd Jun 09     
  • Serve Multiple Sites & Blogs with Virtual Hosts

    Part 13: Add sites & blogs to the web server using vhost files & symlinks. We create a file structure, add users/groups/permissions and tweak FastCGI. [...]

    Category: web servers      Date: 19th May 09     
  • Setup FileZilla for Secure FTP (SFTP)

    Part 12: We compare FileZilla & WinSCP and FTP vs SFTP, then set up FileZilla with an encrypted Secure FTP tunnelled connection to our remote server. [...]

    Category: content management, remote access      Date: 14th May 09     
  • Nginx (better than Apache) Web Server

    Part 11: This copy/paste how-to installs & configures Nginx web server, tweaking the file structure, & setting up a vhost file with symlink. [...]

    Category: web servers      Date: 12th May 09     
  • Prepare Linux Server for Email with Postfix

    Part 10: How to install an email function for the Linux server, installing Postfix, changing the hostname and setting reverse DNS (RDNS). [...]

    Category: email      Date: 5th May 09     
  • Add a Domain Zone to Your VPS

    Part 9: Setting up your VPS, or any Linux server, you’ll need to point it to a domain name, and to configure what’s known as a DNS zone. Here’s how.

    Category: dns, hosting      Date: 30th Apr 09