Setup a server

Install any kind of server for any purpose

From virtual machines to clouds, VPS or dedicated, whether LAMP or LEMP, here’s your need-to-know

Secure a server

Harden with solid layered server defence

Configure some cool tools to create safe networking, denying hackers and protecting your content & data

Maintain a server

Ease day-to-day server & app management

Add control panels and learn techniques to simplify use of the server, Linux & the command line interface

Setup: Whether you want to serve web applications or sites, need a dedicated mail server or crave a supercharged game or file server, vpsBible's setup guides are just what you need.

Secure: In setup we added a firewall + SSH connection but standard defence is insufficient. We'll harden the network & apps, automating failsafe backup & log monitoring procedures.

Maintain: We have a state-of-the-art, super-secure server. Now, use the best tools and techniques to keep it that way, also saving time when managing the box, apps & data.