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    cheers PJ .. so, are you asking about load balancing? :P

    sure, prices are incredibly competitive now.

    MT is clearly huge, with a brilliant marketing strategy .. but I can’t diss ‘em cos I’ve not experienced them (er, at their prices!)

    one thing about Linode that I like, but it’s the same with Slicehost and I think those two are about the best in the market for reliability (but not the cheapest anymore and I want to explore that when have time, so months from now!) is the scalability .. you can thrown on extra RAM or whatever to an existing plan, else strap on new slices to your plan, and easily done)

    Apache tends to be very resource hungry compared to Nginx, which is why we use Nginx here. I intend to write up a guide on how to custom build Nginx with bespoke modules .. it’s written actually, so you may find that useful ..

    .. grab a feed for updates on that.

    Figure I’ll bounce this to the hosting section. Nice to see you about, Sir.



    I know nothing about load balancing. Planning to cover that in your guide? Actually, I haven’t purchased your guide yet. I may do that later tonight. I need to sign up for Linode first.

    I definitely won’t go with Slicehost. I recently read a review where their performance numbers were not good compared to other VPS. Also I was there in Austin (two years ago?) when Rackspace announced they acquired Slicehost for an undisclosed sum–I wasn’t convinced they knew what they were talking about. Obviously they are successful but I don’t know why, I suspect because Texas is a wealthy state with many high-tech companies, cheap labor, cheap energy, good geography?

    No doubt you need a host that’s somewhat financially solid, not just technically solid, because I have seen deals go bad and sometimes the server disappears into thin air and you might never get the data back. A good reason to keep backups and never use your host as a registrar.

    By the way, is this BBPress?



    hey PJ .. there are so many things to cover .. take a look at the FAQ to get an idea of the priority list.

    then again .. make a request and i’ll add it to the list.

    (ultimately, i’ll have to look at this topic on a site like this)

    yes, this is deep integrated bbpress, that is still rather in beta .. have got lots to do to get it working right yet.


    Mo Ses

    G’Day PJ,

    Thought I’d add a few comments from my limited experience.

    WordPress does a very good job of running what it does with little overhead, especially when you’re running the WP supercache.

    The main reason the VPS crews rave about nginx is it’s performance with a low memory footprint. With Linode you get 360MB RAM, then fire up Apache2 and 200+MB is gone! Apache on big servers when tuned by someone in the know can perform extremely well, but when running a VPS memory is the no 1 constriction.

    To give you a very rough idea of speed / usage, I’m running on a Linode360 plan using the guv’s setup guides, plus a lot of random googling. Google Analytics tells me I get a max of 4000 pageviews to the blog and 12000 pageviews to the forum per day. I’m averaging 16% CPU usage and transferring over 2GB per day.



    Hello all,

    I’m very happy to be here as I’m embarking on a very ambitious project involving the setting up of my first VPS. I know just enough to be dangerous and am getting more-so every day. There are many questions I have and many issues I’ve been through already. The learning curve is steep but a steady organized ascent is slowly working for me. Therefore, you’ll probably be seeing me around and if I can help anyone by my humble learnings then I’d be happy to assist, as I’ll be relying on this forum too. Sleep well. G.



    cracking G .. good to have you about, Sir.

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