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Hey folks,

It wasn't supposed to be this way.

When I started vpsBible, I'd planned by now to have written at least double the setup and maintenance documentation, and to have given about quadruple the forum support, that, in the event, I've provided.

As many of you know a project came my way that was hard to refuse but which sapped my time considerably more that I thought would be the case: a book, WordPress 3 Ultimate Security, which was published by the techy publishers Packt Publishing last week. You can check that out at For those that are interested in the platform Packt's celebrating the launch with a special offer on WordPress tomes this month and I'll be offering discounted copies of my scribble here within a week or two.

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You have been patient and, please believe me, your patience has matched my frustration. I love this vpsB project. Silly sod sad, probably, but truly I have a passion for vpsBible, to demystify the complexity that is setting up, maintaining and securing our web projects. (It is a bit sad really!)

For my absense, please accept my sincere apologies. For your patience, and the many encouraging emails I've received, please accept my sheer gratitude.

So where are we?

I've been wading through the existing vpsB documents over the last week or so, making notes for new implementations and updating a few pressing issues and minor details. I will from now be back at the forums to help out as best I can.

So far as new material is concerned, there's a lot to add which is written already, on this local machine. Much of this concerns Apache, which has been glaringly neglected from vpsBible. Much of this concerns security, advanced security and defense in depth, subjects which I've been literally dreaming about from my research and practise over the course of the last year.

Therefore, over the next few months, expect to see lots of material about Apache and, otherwise, about defending PHP, MySQL, about some key maintenance tasks such as logging, about network defence, host intrusion detection, kernel hardening and similar topics that are guaranteed to make us want to jump up and dance. Ish.

You can also expect to see a new site in the Autumn as well. This one simply doesn't cut the mustard. It's insufficiently usable and, more importantly, its content isn't as noob-friendly as it should be, IMHO. Without giving too much away, yet, a new vpsBible site with a raft of remastered and fresh content is in the works for what I see as the next, really rather exciting, phase of this project.

Have a present …

The vpsBible community has been good to me. It's sponsored my time to be able to develop this project. From both subscriber and industry feedback I know now that vpsBible has enormous potential and, frankly, that I'll not only have Meccano-style fun with the research and docs but also be able to earn a few quid along the way in the process. Splendid. I will be increasing prices for various levels of subscription and support in the future, one day not soon, but do not intend ever to forget the first few thousand of you guys and gals who supported the project in its early days. It is not my intention to forget my roots.

Plus I want to celebrate the book, sure. Believe you me, it will enrich this site both directly and indirectly, and your experience with it. Looking to the longer term, that was one of the reasons I took it on.

Some of the very early vpsBible subscribers may have wondered why their subscriptions never ran out? Well, I extended by a few months everyone who signed up on the New Site Offer. The problem was that I didn't get round to telling you!

Anyway, for everyone who has signed up on the New Site Offer subscription deal, or who does so up until the end of August, I've extended the 12 month subscription to 24 months.

That's a free year of thank you's and, hopefully, of good will.

I guess I'm hoping that that gives me more than enough time to prove to the community that it's a good idea not only to setup a VPS with the vpsBible method, but also to hang around here for maintenance and ongoing security guides, lots of useful scripts and advice. So yes, it's a blatant bribe ;).

See you in the forums and kind regards.


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Olly Connelly (yeah, that's me) blogs at, polices WordPress security at and helps noobs build web servers at, so if you've got sleeping problems you know where to come.

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