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To deploy a Virtual Private Server with optimum security and speed, the latest Linux OS distributions, your choice of web server and even configured with your openSSH authentication keys .. is about to become a stackscript snap, so read on ..

vpsBible is about to create a buzz and, I gotta say, I'm pretty darn excited about it.

Let's reconsider what this website is for: to help folks set up a top-quality VPS distribution, regardless of their experience. Generally, to do this properly for a total Linux noob would take hours or days.

.. If I told you that a total noob could do that in under an hour, or even under 30 minutes, and that someone with a little VPS/Linux experience could set up a new VPS account and have, say, a WordPress blog online within 15 minutes (subject to DNS propagation), would you believe me?

Cue Stackscripts

A stackscript is an executable file containing a bunch of commands that, nicely coded, set up a server stack. You provide the scantest of details, such as your preferred username and password, and run it.

For example, it takes under 10 minutes to run the first vpsBible stackscript, and that sets up automatically:-

  • system update/upgrade
  • locale settings
  • a user with SuperUser privileges and own directory
  • public authentication keys for easy secure access
  • hardened security
  • an iptables firewall
  • Postfix for email
  • MySQL, secured
  • PHP with PHP-FPM (separate which is my choice)
  • .. secured with Suhosin
  • caching with Xcache
  • Nginx web server (from source which is my choice)

And if you want, say, a WordPress site or three, run my secondary script and in ** under 2 minutes ** you can surf to your site and it's there, ready for blogging.

Simple. Powerful.

I've run advanced beta tests on the above 2 scripts and some derivatives and, frankly, I need a cold shower. For the least experienced VPS wannabe, this is a sensation and, for those of us setting up multiple VPSes, we just bought way more time down the pub. Damn, line 'em up mate, mine's a Guinness!

I should have done this months ago.

vpsBible will continue to serialise specific package setup procedures for those who want to understand their kit but, both for them and for those who just want a hassle-free VPS, the addition of stackscripts that work with any modern server will provide a welcome little revolution.

On Monday I'll publish the first stackscript – configured for Ubuntu Lucid Lynx 10.04 LTS – and thereafter will be offering alternatives for those wanting, for example, the CentOS OS or the Cherokee web server, and so on and on.


About the Author:

Olly Connelly (yeah, that's me) blogs at, polices WordPress security at and helps noobs build web servers at, so if you've got sleeping problems you know where to come.

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