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Yup, published the first VPS Bible post, over on Guvnr, a year ago today.

.. Hadn't even noticed it was April Fool's Day 'till I hit “Publish” on WordPress and opened the thing for the final check. Oh well, I like the number 13 too.

I guess birthdays, anniversaries and the like are those times when one should take stock of what's gone before: take the good, bin the bad and make resolutions for the missing. But since the bible migrated to its own home at I've been doing a lot of that already, so won't bother today. (There's always the FAQ!)

Instead, think I'll do some proper work, likely have a pint later, then celebrate a year from now when it's really cooking.

Besides, every day is a birthday and, streuth, its only a ruddy guide. 😛

One thing I will say though, I've met some nice folks along the road doing this VPS thing. Nice to have you about.


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