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We're live!

Sorry it's a bit late, a week to be precise. But it's here and here to stay.

.. and grow. Quite considerably, rather quickly.

Tonight I'm about, porting content from Guvnr, from which that content will redirect in a few hours.

The functionality seems to be working pretty handsomely but .. well, there are always ‘buts', huh?

.. Please let me know any problems you have, any i's that need dotting, any t's that need, you get the picture.

My priority is to get this place up with the VPS content from Guvnr tonight, then start expanding on that tomorrow.

If you've popped over from Guvnr .. a mighty big special “Hi” to you. You guys have been unequivocally supportive of this move since I first discussed it, and I've been really chuffed about that.

Anyhow, er, got a ton to do tonight – first things first, I'm off to grind some coffee beans, gonna be a long night! – so I'd best be off.

I'll knock out this post, and twin it on Guvnr, grab my coffee then I'll be about the forum if anyone fancies a chat.

Please .. like I say, any any any shortfalls, anything unclear, let me know.

And hey .. use that forum, yeah .. that, my friends, is gonna be the lifeblood of this place.

Ciao for now,



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