Well, I think that Paypal issue is sorted now .. bit of a headache, that.

Just 301 redirected the entire Bible over from Guvnr. Bit sad really, but not for long, for either place. Re-sitemapped and pinged both domains, Google reckons there are no errors from the first crawl here.

So I guess we can call vpsBible officially launched. Which is just as well .. another 24+ hour day .. I\’m getting too old for this stuff!

What else, here\’s a list I made:-

– tidied up the Subscribe overlay panel
– updated the remainder of the original VPS Bible, basically linkage and a tad styling
– added a few strays from that lot as forum topics. Forum\’s got some backbone, huh? (Needs flesh!)
– enabled Guest read-only forum access, so there\’s some karma.
– killed the math-to-post thing
– swore quite a lot about Paypal and listened to The Killers 🙂

I guess the main relocation thing to do is with the old VPS Admin section, about 15 posts needing a blitz and to be clearly but flexibly menu\’ed, maybe permalinked from the front.

Damn, and I\’ve no idea how to port the missing comments without getting a head full of db. I\’ll have a scan.

.. will be adding what I can from the tips there into the relevant places. Phil Churchill\’s been darn handy in providing me with a long ol\’ list too so I\’ll work that in.

I guess that\’s pretty much the way things are working out anyhow .. guess I\’ll double this forum entry as a post, just for the hell of it.

Thanks – crew! – for you beta-testing. I really appreciate it. Keep it coming.

Enough. Enough machine!

guv_out. (out-ruddy-cold!)


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